Dietician - Nutritionist

Graduated from University of Reading, England, obtaining her first degree in Food Chemistry. She completed her first postgraduate studies as a Nutritionist and then received her second postgraduate degree in Dietetics from the University of London – Kings College.

She has collaborated with various distinguished medical professionals and undertaking the management of the Dietetics Counseling Center of the Maternity Hospital “Mitera”.

At the same time, she acted as a lecturer at the College of Sports Sciences and the Sivitanidios vocational school. She became head of the Dietetic Department both at the School of Assistants of Medical Professions (SVIE) and IST College – University of Hertfordshire. She is recently performing administrative and educational duties at the Metropolitan College of Piraeus.

Since 1994 she has her own Dietetic practice in the center of Athens and is a scientific associate of the «Live Well, Be Well» Center for Psychology and Health Promotion.

She also collaborates with the Alternative and holistic center “Soma & Phos”, providing her dietetic services.

Social contribution through volunteerism and solidarity are life-long beliefs. MANA gave her the unique opportunity to pursue her social quests, in fact, by actively contributing to the excellent work the organization carries out, in supporting the lady members of the organization with healthy nutritional advice tailored to their needs.