The House of MANA was born in 2018 following the vision of one of the founding members who battled and won her battle against breast cancer.
Throughout this personal journey, many difficult issues were identified, which essentially
affect the quality of the daily life of women suffering from this disease.


“Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.”

Leo Buscaglia


Psychological – Psychosocial Counceling & Support

Her psychology, her positive thinking and her return to a harmonious relationship with herself will be strengthened through services such as psychological support, psychotherapy, drama therapy, life coaching, etc.

Physiotherapy Consulting & Support

It will help in the physical recovery of the body of the woman who has already undergone a partial or total mastectomy.

Nutrition Advice

Counselling adapted to the specific nutritional needs of each woman and preparation of personalised nutrition programs.

Yoga, Pilates, Meditation, Exercise, Dance, Dance Therapy And Other Physical And Mental Exercise Programs 

They offer physical exercise, relaxation and tranquillity, elements important for an optimal recovery.

Face and Body Care Services

Indicatively we mention, among others, facial and body care, make-up lessons and seminars as well as support for the restoration of hair loss after chemotherapy. Specialised professionals offer free personalised face and body care to improve the appearance and
boost the morale of women.

Creative Classes

So far, the women of MANA have attended classes in natural soap making, painting, handicrafts and decoration, and cooking, which offer them creative knowledge, joy, and relaxation.

Visits / Guided Tours to Museums and Cultural Sites – Participations in Sports Activities

The ladies of MANA enjoy various cultural activities such as: attending theatrical performances, film screenings and guided museum tours. Moreover, the MANA Team (ladies, volunteers, and employees) actively participates in athletic events and races such as
the Marathon, Race For The Cure etc.

Seminars Related to Breast Cancer and Every Gynaecological Cancer

Seminars by specialised health partners, but also on other topics, such as experiential seminars, beauty, and make-up seminars, etc.

Book Club and Lending Library

Book club, with the participation of invited guests related to each book’s reading and discussion topics.

Computer and Web Browsing Seminars

Seminars aimed at educating the women of MANA and acquiring self-service skills for daily needs, when required.

Conducting Free Genetic Tests

From time to time, free genetic testing is carried out in collaboration with the Rector of the University of Athens, Professor Mr. Dimopoulos, and the Alexandra Hospital in order to assess heredity and to adjust the treatment regimen for women with breast cancer and any gynaecological cancer.

Free preventive dental check-ups & oral surgery services

Free preventive dental check-ups and oral surgery services at the University Clinic of Oral Surgery, located at the Athens School of Dentistry and the “Evangelismos” Hospital.

Free Cardiological & Heart Triplex Examination 

Free cardiological and heart triplex examination, performed by our volunteer Dr. Georgios Plakogiannakis, at his private clinic.