Yoga Teacher
Brief info

Lila Chroni has graduated from Kripalu School of Yoga in Massachusetts USA as a Kripalu Yoga Teacher and Kripalu Yoga Dance Instructor. She has also practiced and deepened her knowledge in different styles of yoga and zen meditation that incorporates in her teaching. She studied classical ballet since the age of 5 years old and she has been taught modern and contemporary dance and other types of dances. She has a particular interest in Butoh technique and has participated in workshops in various healing techniques such as reiki, access consciousness, bars, healing codes, theta healing and more.
Lila, has taught yoga, meditation, Kripalu yoga dance and butoh both in Greece and abroad (Bali, Malaisia), currently teaching and also uses her healing techniques in order to comfort anyone in need while continuing her lifelong education.
She has been volunteering for years and is happy to offer by sharing her knowledge.
Kripalu yoga is the yoga of consciousness and not perfection. Through bodily exercises(asanas) and breathing excrercises (pranayamas) as well as relaxation techniques we achieve strength, flexibility and well being. Kripalu yoga aims to bring peace of mind, a body free of tensions and our feelings in harmony with the present moment. It is not necessary to have practiced yoga before in order to attend a class. The only thing needed is your active presence. Give yourself the chance to try it and discover it.