Brief info

Through my studies in Psychology and Coaching I support and empower every woman who comes for a session, in my office or at MANA, to meet their daily challenges and strengthen their self-confidence. Self-awareness precedes self-improvement, which is why it's important to invest in knowing ourselves before we decide to smooth out some of our rough edges or accept what we can't yet change.

I often say that we deserve to create a life that we can enjoy all year round and don't wait for vacations to live. This is what I communicate daily through my social media page: elena_routzaki

Fortunately, we are all wonderfully different. But we are all part of a big chain, and one affects the other. An authentic and happy woman will positively influence the society. This is the magical effect of volunteering. All for all! And I feel infinitely grateful to be a part of this great project of MANA!