Brief info

Although Cretan blood flows in my veins, I was born and raised in Athens.
From a young age, I had encountered Medical Science, due to a personal health adventure, which ended up being a misdiagnosis.
A dream was born in my heart! To heal people!
The dream came true!
I completed my studies at the MEDICAL SCHOOL of Bucharest in 1986 with further training in pediatric cardiology, one of the most demanding areas of our science.
My knowledge was constantly developing, either serving as a reserve officer of the Greek army and a contracted doctor of the NHS, or as a member of medical teams abroad, or as a doctor in an intensive care unit, cardiac surgery departments, with numerous participations in international medical conferences, article writing, etc.
Henceforth, I never stopped practicing cardiology with passion, both as a private and as a contracted physician, but mainly as a volunteer treating physician for the inhabitants of the small and remote islands of our country, through the Omada Aigaiou, for the last 20 years.
Deep inside I have always wanted to offer my medical services to a vulnerable group as well, such as women with breast cancer and any gynaecological cancer. MANA, with its rich free offer of services, caught my attention and I was very happy to join it as a volunteer.