Clinical Psychologist PhD – Family Therapist

She has studied psychology at Johannes Gutenberg Universitaet in Mainz Germany and focused at her doctoral thesis in the treatment of families with chronic patients. She is trained in systemic and cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and has many years of experience in several units of the Aeginiteion Hospital and Mental Health Center Papagou-Holargos. She is a scientific associate since 1994 of the University Mental Health Research Institute (UMHRI) and is involved in several research projects. She is trainer and clinical supervisor of the two-year postgraduate program on psychoeducation. She is administrator of the scientific Facebook page:
Alexandra Palli enthusiastically accepted the proposal to assist the excellent initiative of MANA. She was motivated: a) because of her personal interest in breast cancer that has invaded her social environment b) because of the orientation of all services offered by Mana to the optimal quality of life.
The tools she uses in her work in MANA are a variety of techniques of psychoeducation and positive psychology.
Her goal is to support, inform, educate and empower women who have faced cancer so that they keep on dreaming of their future.