Brief info

I studied in Thessaloniki, and I am a graduate beautician, holder of a license to practice and a license to operate a laboratory, running my own beauty salon in Piraeus since 1985.
In 2002 I also obtained my diploma in reflexology with studies in Natural Health Science.
Along with being a freelancer, I served for eighteen years as a teacher-trainer in public Vocational Training Institutes and in Technical Vocational Schools in the specialty "Aesthetic and Professional Makeup Applications Specialist".
I have been member of the Committee of Scientists of E.O.P.P.EP. for the vocational training examinations as well as an administrative member of the Greek Association of Professional Beauticians and CIDESCO HELLAS.
Sensitized to the pro bono offer, I started my voluntary action in 2008 as one of the founding members of the group Network of Volunteers of Social Aesthetics, offering treatments to vulnerable groups while in 2015 our action was extended furtherly to Dromokaiteio Psychiatric Hospital of Athens as well, as providing our services there.
By the beginning of the year 2018 and with empathy for the special needs of women with breast cancer, I joined the House of MANA. In a wonderfully decorated place created with attention to detail by Mrs. Randa Ghandour and her associates, I passionately offer facial treatments to the fighting ladies and the feeling of retribution of love is of inestimable value.