Mindfulness meditation teacher
Brief info

With PhD studies in computer science and teaching experience at Brunel University, London I was introduced and practiced Buddhist meditation at the West London Buddhist center. In 2011 I joined the teachers training program by the University of California in Los Angeles (UCLA) and got certified as a mindfulness meditation facilitator. Since then I teach meditation for large organisations and universities. I have given a number of talks in relevant conferences and I continue to supervise research at PhD level in the effect of mindfulness in computer use. Since 2018 I live and work in Athens were I teach mindfulness full time at group and individual level.

With great pleasure I decided to cooperate with MANA and share mindfulness practices with women who live with cancer in their every day life. The reasons I decided to help MANA’s work was my desire to apply practices for calming the mind and regulate emotions to a sensitive part of the population. Mindfulness practices have been scientifically proven to help with self-healing processes something that is particularly useful and complementary to usual clinical treatments for the disease.

Web site: www.mindfulness.com.gr
E-mail: info@minfulness.com.gr