Brief info

I am a Physiotherapist with a subspecialty in respiratory/chest physiotherapy with an extended experience in an Adult Intensive Care Unit.
It was with a great pleasure and honour that I accepted the invitation/proposal to be part of the team of volunteers of the ‘MANA’ Organisation, aiming to contribute to its effort to provide a better quality of life for women with breast cancer.
My contribution includes assistance with the rehabilitation of the movements of the thorax, the shoulder girdle and the upper limb (that may be compromised following partial or complete mastectomy and radiotherapy) as well as the overall mobility and muscle strength, and to help with the reduction of the lymphedema that may develop postoperatively.
The reasons of my participation to this team are social, altruistic and sincere as a consequence to my great desire to actively support this group of women who are facing against numerous challenges during and after their treatment, but in the majority of cases they overcome all challenges with the help of science and their families/friends.
My previous experience at the Adult Intensive care unit in a private hospital has also contribute to my desire to volunteer.