Face Yoga Instructor
Brief info

My name is Fotini Karageorgou. I am a Face Yoga Instructor, certified by Areti Kafantari, and I have also attended seminars with Fumiko Takatsu. I have been teaching classes and seminars since 2016.
I have attended seminars on the following subjects:
-Nutrition and well-being, at the Open People’s University
- "Lymphatic System"
"Relaxing Face massage"
"Indian Head Massage"
My contact with Face Yoga resulted from my interest in seeking and trying out natural methods to face the difficulties that arise, so that I can continuously feel better with myself, both inwards and outwards.
Together, we will get to know the facial system, we will train its muscles and help it relax from tension. Since 4 out of 5 sensations are concentrated exclusively on our face, the benefits from Face Yoga have a positive effect on our body and psychology.
For these reasons, I will be very happy to offer my knowledge on the techniques of Face Yoga through the Non-Profit Organization ΜΑΝΑ, to all the women who face gynaecological diseases with great courage, contributing to the acceptance of and love for the self. There is no bigger lesson on bravery than accepting our self-image.